3 Links I Love: Delta’s Focus Cities, Delta Fixes American’s Failures, Reviving the Theme Building

This week’s featured link:

ANALYSIS: What makes a focus city for Delta?FlightGlobal
Here’s an interesting look at how Delta views its network. Focus cities are great and all, but I’ll be curious to see how many of them survive the next downturn.

Image of the Week: Wonder what United’s fleet will look like on every different aircraft type? Here’s a preview for you.

Two for the road:

‘We’re here to help everyone:’ How Delta employees saved a trip for OKC students booked on a competitorDelta News Hub
This just sums up Delta and American so well right now. American cancels a flight, has no way to help students, and just shrugs. Delta sees a PR opportunity, finds a spare plane, and flies them all to their destination.

Is LAX’s Theme Building coming back to life as part of an on-airport hotel?Los Angeles Times
Yes, please. Anything. Just get it open again.

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